About Us

Reno Dental Patients Love Us... Here are 11 Undeniable Reasons

Who would believe that a small, neighborhood dental office could be so sophisticated and advanced? Well Double Diamond Dental is here to prove that it’s no myth.

We want everyone in your family to feel like part of ours – our smile family that is. If you still don’t believe it, take a look at what we offer, then give us a call – we’d love to show you around.

We’re Different!

1. A small and personal practice
2. A local dentist with 25 years of experience
3. The latest and greatest dental technology and training
4. A warm, friendly, and welcoming team
5. Prompt new patient exams
6. Same-day emergencies
7. On-time appointments
8. Exceptional preventive care
9. Convenient, lunchtime hours
10. Great financing options
11. Most insurances accepted

A Family-Friendly Practice

Every smile deserves health and beauty. That’s why we cater to people of all ages and backgrounds with total convenience, total comfort, and total service. We’ve got it all!