Restorative Dentistry

Reno's Choice for Strong and Healthy Smiles

Healthy teeth are beautiful teeth – at least when you rely on Double Diamond Dental in Reno for restorative dentistry. Every one of our dental restorations are created and placed with three things in mind – balance, strength, and aesthetics. That means that your teeth will not only feel better than ever, they will look better too!


Our patients are really excited about CEREC and so are we. It’s no surprise since CEREC lets us create gorgeous, custom, ceramic restorations in one visit. We know it is hard to believe, but with this technology, we can:
● take digital impressions
● create a digital mold
● mill your lifelike restoration
● set your restoration in place
● bond it securely
all in one, single appointment. No temporaries, no waiting for out-of-town laboratories, and no return visits. If you are as busy as most of our patients and can’t stand the idea of waiting around to have your teeth repaired, talk to us about CEREC, the one-visit restoration solution!

Dental Crowns

Do your teeth need some extra support and care? Our custom-made crowns are just the ticket. Crowns, also called caps, are ceramic restorations that securely cover and repair teeth that have fractured, have large cavities or old fillings that have failed, or have had root canal therapy.

Whenever possible, we use our CEREC technology to create your dental crowns in one, easy and convenient visit. That’s great news for busy people or anyone who would like to avoid extra shots and tooth preparation. You can read more about CEREC, but remember: CEREC crowns allow us to take digital impressions, try your crowns on, make adjustments, and place them all on the same day. Now that’s convenience!

If your teeth need even more support than CEREC provides, we could recommend porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, but those are only used when necessary, depending on the case.

Inlays & Onlays

When damage or cavities are a little too large for composite fillings, we offer dental inlays and onlays. These restorations are more attractive than metal fillings, contain no mercury, and unlike metal fillings, are bonded to teeth instead of forced into them. This helps support their strength and integrity. In addition to being strong and incredibly stable, dental inlays and onlays look beautiful in your smile and are as smooth and clean-feeling as your own enamel.

Inlays are slightly smaller than onlays and are used to restore inside the cusps, or points, of your teeth. Onlays cover more of the tooth and usually extend over one or more sides, but are smaller than a crown. Both of these restorations can be created right here in our Reno dental office with the science of CEREC. The high-tech material used for CEREC dental inlays and onlays produces a natural chewing surface and blocks bacteria.

And don’t forget: CEREC allows us to create these restorations in one, easy visit!


No one ever feels excited at the news of a cavity… but imagine that your cavity could be repaired so no one could see it – not even when you laugh out loud! Our tooth-colored fillings let us do just that. Advances in composite materials allow us to fill almost any cavity with strong and long-lasting white tooth fillings. In addition to being virtually invisible, these fillings do not shrink and expand in response to temperature changes for healthier, stronger teeth. What could be better? We even use these advanced fillings to repair cavities in children’s teeth. Talk to us about your options today!

Dental Bridges

Missing a tooth or teeth can be so uncomfortable, it is actually disruptive to life. We certainly don’t want that for our Reno friends and neighbors! If you have lost one or more teeth and are looking for a conservative way to renew your smile, ask us about our beautiful dental bridges.

Our pure porcelain bridges fill the space where a tooth or teeth have fallen out or been removed and help reduce the risk of gum disease after tooth loss. If they are designed by a smile artist like Dr. Morgan, they not only help improve speech, and make eating better, they also look beautiful and natural. Why let missing teeth make life more difficult than it needs to be? Ask us how our dental bridges can let you relax back into your routine of eating, working, and laughing without self-consciousness or discomfort. You’ll look younger and feel better.


Please visit our Implant Dentistry Page.

Root Canal

Everyone has heard of root canals… and almost everyone thinks they are painful. We’d like to clear up that misconception! Root canals don’t cause pain, they stop it!

The truth is that when infection builds up inside your tooth, it feels terrible, and as the infection grows, pressure builds until sometimes, you have to have your tooth removed to keep infection from affecting your health and to end the pain. Patients are sometimes in so much agony, they beg to have the tooth removed.

That’s when endodontics, or root canals, come in to save the day. Root canal treatment involves opening the tooth – basically the way you would to prepare for a filling – and clearing all the damaged and infected tissue out of the canals of your tooth. Once all the infection is cleared away, we seal your tooth with a protective crown. Your pain ends and your tooth is saved!

Oral Surgery

We do all we can to save and repair your teeth, but occasionally a tooth can be too damaged, decayed, or infected to save. That’s why we offer a range of oral surgery services right here in our office. We know that when it comes to something as nerve wracking as oral surgery, you want to be in a place you know with people you trust.

Whether you need a tooth extracted or wisdom teeth removed, you can count on the team at Double Diamond Dental to keep you relaxed and totally comfortable every step of the way. Our patients tell us they never expected to feel so at ease.